Democrats to control US Senate

Mark Kelly was re-elected by Arizona, leaving one seat to retain control of the party’s upper house. Trump talks about “election fraud.”

Joe Biden’s party is just one seat away from retaining control of the US Senate. While Mark Kelly breathed a sigh of relief for the “blues” when he was re-elected to the House of Representatives by Arizona, there was tension in Nevada until the close count.

The White House revealed the president had called the 58-year-old former astronaut to congratulate him on his victory, although Republican Blake Masters has yet to concede defeat. Hours after the results were announced, Donald Trump spoke through the Truth Social, where he called the results in Arizona “a conspiracy and election fraud.”

With the victory of Kelly — who devoted much of the campaign to the issue of abortion rights — Democrats are in a more comfortable position with 49 seats in the Senate, the same number as Republicans.

Given that the body has 100 seats, a tie for 50 seats in the Senate would give Vice President Kamala Harris enough for the “Blues” to win one of the two seats still to be decided. The power to break the tie in polls. Republicans, on the other hand, need to win two contested seats in Nevada and Georgia. , after none of the candidates achieved at least 50% of the vote.

Although the tally is not yet complete in Nevada, Democrats have managed to win the state. Steven Horsford and Tina Titus won two seats in the state’s House of Representatives, where Republicans hoped to gain the upper hand in the race for a majority in the lower house of Congress.

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Even so, “Red” is still leading the seat count for the system with 435 seats at stake. According to CNN’s latest projections, Republicans have already won 211 seats in the House of Representatives, while Democrats have only won 201 seats, the 218 seats needed to create a one-party majority.

Ahead of the Nov. 8 elections, Republicans hoped Donald Trump would hit Congress with an expected “red tide,” but once the votes were counted, Republicans were losing ground to Democrats who had won the majority. serious conflicts.

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