Cold War: Lavrov calls on Hitler and Russia faces two major losses

Leaders from 50 countries gathered Rammstein To discuss sending more tanks and weapons to Ukraine. This week, there was reluctance on the part of Germany to approve the delivery Tanks Leopard 2 at Ukraine. SIC’s commentators analyzed the results of the meeting and tabled the rest of the week’s news.

Nuno Rogero explains Germany would not object to the transfer Leopard 2 tanks by third parties, hereinafter, countries etc Portugal can already supply them to Ukraine.

Germans No steps were taken to supply the tanks themselves For two reasons, Nuno Rogerio advances because “Not sure if German public opinion is in favor of this provision” and because “They did not know that there were enough cars in the German arsenal.

Serbia and Iran distance themselves from Russia

Russia faces Two important losses Jose Milhazes notes. Serbia and Iran a The country is in an unexpected situation.

President of Serbia Wagner prohibited the mercenary organization from recruiting Serbs For the war in Ukraine. On the other hand, the Foreign Minister Iranian recognizes that Crimea and Donbass belong to Ukraine.

It’s Russia José Milhaz understands what it’s like to be lonely on an international level.

Russia has sparked panic in Moscow

Jose Milhazes brings another to the table “Scale of Russian Propaganda”, Now Instilling fear among Russians. The Kremlin just sent it In the event of an eventual attack, place anti-aircraft defenses on key buildings in Moscow.

Lavrov’s shocking statement

The Russian Foreign Minister drew level War in Ukraine with the genocide of the Jews at Hitler’s hands. Lavrov considered Russians are the “Jews of the 21st century,” says José Milhaz, “barbaric.”

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This report had a ripple effect The Israeli government and the Hebrew-European Congress criticized the Russian politician.

“The Holocaust is the darkest moment in human history and a unique event,” underscored the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson in response to Sergiy Lavrov, quoted by the newspaper. Haaretz.

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