China is moving closer to Russia in UN Ukraine talks

UN dedicated to Ukraine China demonstrated on Friday that its position is closer to Russia’s, despite the Chinese ambassador defining it as “objective and impartial” in the first debate of the year at the Security Council.

In Friday’s debate, whose mere perception was questioned by the Russian ambassador, the ambivalent positions of Russia on one side and those of the West on the other surfaced again.

China, which has tried to maintain a relative balance since the start of its invasion of Ukraine last February, today makes arguments consistent with Moscow’s with minor changes.

Chinese UN Ambassador Zhang Jung said the war was “the result of long-standing security imbalances in Europe” and that these imbalances needed a “political solution”.

However, neither a policy of economic sanctions nor arming the militants is a good path because “they will make things more difficult”, implying an implicit criticism of policies supported by European countries and the US. Ukraine.

Zhang Jung said the 36-hour ceasefire enacted by Russian President Vladimir Putin last Orthodox Christmas — rejected by Ukraine — was the right way to go and supported similar measures for longer if possible.

The ambassador’s last argument to express his support for Moscow was to ask for the removal of “obstacles to Russian exports” of ammonia and fertilizers within the application of the Black Sea Agreements, which, according to Russia, proves that these are The agreements are only partially implemented in favor of Ukraine.

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The military offensive launched by Russia on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 has so far displaced more than 14 million people – 6.5 million internally displaced and more than 7.9 million to European countries – according to the latest UN data, making this refugee crisis Europe’s worst since World War II (1939-1945). Classifies.

At this time, 17.7 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance and 9.3 million in need of food assistance and shelter.

The Russian invasion – justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin with the need to “denazify” and militarize Ukraine for Russia’s security – was generally condemned by the international community, which blamed Russia for sending weapons to Ukraine. Political and economic barriers.

The UN confirmed 6,952 civilian deaths and 11,144 wounded since the beginning of the war, underscoring that these numbers are much lower than the actual toll.

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