Chechen leader awaits Putin’s order to tear West ‘to pieces’ – Observer

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The head of the Russian republic of Chechnya and an ally of Putin said on Sunday that he was waiting for orders from the Russian president to tear the West “to pieces”. For Ramzan Kadyrov, Russia is the only country in the world against the “hellish abomination spreading in the West”.

We are ready to crush the false democratic, pseudo-liberal and barbaric military propaganda of the West.“They are destroying the world community in an attempt to subjugate the whole world,” Kadyrov said.

According to the newspaper ABC, the Chechen president made statements via Telegram, where he announced that he had completed the process of creating a new brigade: “North-Akhmat”. The group is one of four battalions Kadyrov released last month to help replace Russian troop losses in Ukraine.

In the publication, Kadyrov thanked the Russian president for his “wise” decision, which gave him the opportunity to participate in the “sacred struggle against Satanism.” Go ahead and confirm They are ready to take Kiev “easily” not only in Ukraine, but also NATO countries.

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Kadyrov became the President of the Russian Republic in 2007, just after his 30th birthday. Since then, It has ruled the region with the support of PutinIt refers to Chechen as a “son”.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin’s “private soldier” accused of human rights abuses and pledged to continue the war in Ukraine

Already in May, Kadyrov left a threat to Poland: “We will show you what we can do in six seconds”, he guaranteed in a video posted on social networks. The publication implied that the country might be invaded in the future.

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