Brussels threatens to ban TikTok in Europe

The European Commission has threatened to ban the use of TikTok in the European Union if those responsible for the social network do not prevent minors from accessing the “potential” videos.

This threat was issued by Thierry Breton, the European Internal Market Commissioner, during a video conference meeting with TikTok’s managing director, Show Ji Chew, EFE reported.

According to the commissioner’s office, Thierry Breton told TikTok’s manager that more attention should be paid to young people using the social network, saying it was “unacceptable that users can easily access dangerous content behind an apparently fun and harmless environment”. .

In this sense, the European Commissioner called on Shou Zi Chew to respect European data protection regulations, with the new Digital Services Act, which major platforms must comply with by September 1.

This rule will oblige these sites Remove illegal content It has To improve transparency About the operation of algorithms that determine what users can see on the Internet.

Failure to comply could result in Brussels imposing fines equal to 6% of these sites’ global revenue and banning them from being permanently present in the single market.

“If our audits do not demonstrate full compliance, we will not hesitate to use these sanctions,” said Thierry Breton, who called on TikTok’s CEO to implement the order before September 1.

The US is also concerned about TikTok, with the US Congress banning members of Congress and their officials from installing the app on their official phones.

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Controversy in the US over the use of the Chinese app worsened after TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, revealed that it had used the social network to “track the location of journalists using their IP addresses”.

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