British bill to repeal Brexit deal passed – News

The text received 295 votes in favor and 221 against, with some members of the opposition and Conservative Party voting against the government.

During the afternoon debate, Foreign Minister Lis Truss argued that legislation was necessary to maintain political stability and peace in the province.

According to the government, the draft law aims to translate parts of the protocol in Northern Ireland into a UK withdrawal agreement from the EU in order to address “tough customs procedures, inflexible restrictions, tax and spending contradictions and democratic governance”.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the second-largest party in the regional elections in May, refused to allow a power-sharing government with the Republic of Sinn Fin until it changed the Northern Ireland code.

But Labor, the main opposition party, has said it violates international law, and that former Prime Minister Theresa May risks tarnishing Britain’s reputation with the rest of the world.

The protocol, which ended in 2019, was a solution found during the Brexit process to avoid a physical border with Ireland, one of the requirements of the 1998 peace treaty with Ireland.

In practice, this leaves Northern Ireland into a single market for EU goods, subject to European rules and laws, and includes restrictions and additional documentation on goods moving between the UK and the province.

The text now goes to a referendum on specials, which must then be approved by the House of Lords, the upper house of parliament where the Conservative Party does not have a majority.

The House of Lords generally accepts legislation passed by the House of Commons, especially if it is part of the government’s electoral program, but if it decides to block the proposed legislation, the legislative process can take several months.

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