Boris reveals conversation with Putin in which he realizes the Russian president wants to be “the new Peter the Great”.

The former prime minister already sees one (only) end to the war and has left a message of hope

Vladimir Putin always knew that Ukraine was not going to join NATO, that there was no danger of a US missile installation on Ukrainian territory, or that Kiev posed no threat to Moscow. The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, revealed the conversation he had with the President of Russia, and he realized the real motivation for the war in Ukraine: “It was new. Petro, Grande”, the tsar who managed to create a powerful Russian empire, dissolved only in the 20th century with the arrival of the Bolsheviks.

In Lisbon, where the Briton was invited by CNN Portugal, at the channel’s first anniversary, Boris Johnson explained that he told Vladimir Putin all this, the Russian president understood and agreed. West.

“I realized that there were no motivations about Ukraine. It was about him and his imagined role as the man who was going to rebuild the Soviet empire, it was about being the new Peter the Great. He invaded Ukraine because he thought it would make him more popular, because he was deceived and There’s no one to stand up to him”, said Boris Johnson, referring to the “funny Orthodox priest-type advisers” who advise the highest-ranking Kremlin figure. Who tells you that Ukraine is not a country in its own right.

Former British Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said it was Putin’s fault: a country that has been independent for 31 years and whose sense of nationalism was bolstered by the annexation of Crimea in 2014 was not.

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So, for Boris Johnson, Europe should still be united in its support for Ukraine, even as the crisis caused by the war increases criticism of the population. For the British, the heroes whose names are engraved on Maidan Square in Kiev deserve this, they deserve peace. But not at any cost.

While he understands Europeans’ concern as winter approaches and prices continue to rise – inflation in Portugal is around 10%, a figure even Boris Johnson predicts will be higher in the United Kingdom – the British man does not want a “rotten” peace. , negotiated according to Moscow’s demands. Even less so when Russia illegally annexed four Ukrainian regions (Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk and Luhansk).

“As we dine, thousands of Europeans are without light, heat or water because of hundreds of attacks in a cynical attempt to weaken morale. [dos ucranianos]πŸ‡§πŸ‡· When the cold intensifies, the suffering increases”, he added, talking about a world “shaken by the cost of living”, but that should not stop supporting the Ukrainians politically and militarily: more tanks are needed, more missiles, more HIMARS systems.

Antonio Costa then thanked the Portuguese government “for what they are doing”, saying that the two countries are “closer” to the goal and reaching the only “possible and tolerable result”: “That Putin fails and Ukraine wins.

“Ukrainians want peace, and I know Zelensky would make a deal if he could, but Putin certainly can’t be trusted,” he said, denying the terms of the deal would see Ukraine give up its land, as the Ukrainian president has done. to attain peace.

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“How do we negotiate when a crocodile bites our leg and its intention is to devour our whole body?” Asked about that, Boris Johnson said the West’s role in supporting Ukraine should be doubled, which he understands. Because, according to him, if we provide all the necessary technologies, the Ukrainians will do the rest, because “they have the leadership and courage” to drive the Russians out of all the lost lands.

Nuclear and post-war fears

A bigger fear is that a Ukrainian victory could provoke the nuclear side of the war. Let Vladimir Putin use his fiercest arsenal to decisively attack Kiev and other cities under the banner that Russia’s sovereignty is at stake.

Boris Johnson does not believe in this scenario, arguing that Vladimir Putin knows that, from that moment on, he will still lose all support or cooperation from countries like China or India, but also from Africa or South America. This comment from the Russian president goes further: “He knows he will terrorize his own people, he will isolate Russia wholesale, in decades of poverty”.

Something that Boris Johnson has already seen is happening in one form or another. The British said Russia had already lost more soldiers in Ukraine than it had in ten years of its “occupation” of Afghanistan. He added that it would not take long for America’s losses in 15 years in Vietnam to be overcome, with Russian troops practicing war crimes such as “constant rapes, torture chambers or traps”. Thousands of civilians spread to schools, kindergartens or hospitals, killing dozens.

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Envisioning the future he says is only possible, and seeing the power shift accelerated by the war, Boris Johnson leaves with a message of hope: “When Putin leaves Ukraine, ​​the world will be incomparably better off”.

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