Boris Johnson faces more redundancies, pressure rises

Pressure is mounting around British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This Wednesday, the education minister and a secretary of state resigned, as did a deputy from the Conservative Party, after the health and finance ministers quit on Tuesday.

Will Queen’s resigned as education minister and Sevenoaks MP Laura Trott resigned as ministerial assistant for transport, saying the government had lost confidence.

After repeatedly saying in “good faith” to media elements that the Prime Minister’s services had been “proven false”, Queens justified her decision by saying she had “no choice”.

Shortly after, Robin Walker, who oversees schools, announced his resignation from the British government and revealed that he did not trust Boris Johnson’s leadership.

On Tuesday, UK health and finance ministers Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak announced their resignations from the British government within ten minutes.

Disagreements with chief executive Boris Johnson led to his resignation as vice-chairman of the Conservative Party’s parliamentary group, particularly over his stance on sexual misconduct involving deputy leader Chris Fincher. Last week.

Boris Johnson has appointed Nadeem Zahavi to the finance portfolio and Steve Barclay will be head of health.

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In total, 12 members of the government have resigned in the past 24 hours, the British public broadcaster BBC reported, most of them representatives who were advisers and aides.

Boris Johnson will attend a weekly debate in Parliament this Wednesday, which is expected to be marked by government instability, and in the afternoon, the first session of the party’s inquiry into corruption in Downing Street. “Particate”.

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