Bolsonaroistas attack Brasilia. What do you know so far? | Brazil

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  • Hundreds of supporters of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro were defeated in the 2022 election. invaded Congress, Planaldo and the Federal Supreme Court, during this Sunday. These are the three most important power buildings in Brasilia;
  • According to the Brazilian press, more than 300 demonstrators were arrested. More than 40 buses were also impounded;
  • The protestors’ attack provoked many international reactions, such as from EU leaders, who have already compared the situation in Brasilia to what happened in 2021 when Donald Trump’s supporters occupied the US capital;
  • For several weeks, all over Brazil, there have been Expressions Bolsonaro supporters deny Lula da Silva’s victory and have called for military intervention to seize power in the country. This Sunday, dozens of buses arrived in Brasília carrying many demonstrators;
  • Even with the threat and increased risk, the Federal District’s Federal Police had some service elements. Law enforcement officials were unable to control the invaders;
  • President of Brazil, who He took office Exactly one week ago, it has already reacted. ordered federal intervention to guarantee the security of outer space and characterized the invasion as “barbaric” organized by “rabid fascists”;
  • Despite the attacks targeting Lula da Silva’s leadership, Brazil’s president was not in the country’s capital;
  • The Governor of the Federal District, Ibániz Rocha, was removed from office for 90 days this Sunday by Judge Alexandre de Moraes of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), hours after Bolsonaros attacked public institutions in Brasilia. In conclusion, Moraes assessed that Ibanez Rocha, the former Secretary of Defense of the Federal District and Anderson Torres, who was Minister of Justice until the end of the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro, acted with negligence and neglect.
  • The invaders looted various items from government buildings. Brazilian Minister and Deputy Condemn Supporters Steal Guns from Presidential Palace;
  • The leader of the PL, Bolsonaro’s party, is distancing himself from the “disgrace” in Brasilia. In a video posted on social media, Bolsonaro said those responsible for the attacks on companies in Brasilia “do not represent” him.
  • Bolsonaro rejects Lula’s accusations that he blames him for Sunday’s attack. The former president said that today’s demonstrations are against the rules.
  • President Lula da Silva visited the Planalto Palace, the headquarters of the Brazilian administration, on Sunday night to inspect the damage caused by the Bolsonaros.
  • The Oil Workers’ Union (FUP) has warned of possible attacks on the refineries of Brazilian oil giant Petrobras, following a raid on the headquarters of the three powers in Brasilia. Bolsonaro supporters have been using social media to attack Petrobras refineries across the country.
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