Bolsonaro will travel to the US two days before Lula is sworn in as Brazil’s president

“I’m on a plane and I’ll be back soon,” Bolsonaro told CNN Brazil in a short statement.

According to local press, the presidential plane took off at 2:02pm (5:02pm in Lisbon) for Orlando, USA, with Jair Bolsonaro, his wife Michelle and some aides.

Thus, from today until Lula da Silva’s inauguration, on Sunday, the Vice President, Hamilton Mauro, will assume command of the country.

A symbolic gesture honored by all presidents since Brazil restored democracy in 1985 after 21 years of dictatorship, the inauguration is marked by the moment when the outgoing president hands over the presidential sash to his successor.

Neither Bolsonaro nor the government has given any details about the trip, but his intention is to spend at least three months outside the country, according to sources in his personal entourage cited by the local press.

Bolsonaro is to stay at a ‘resort’ in Palm Beach owned by former US President Donald Trump, local media say.

Before leaving, Bolsonaro, in a last live broadcast on his social networks, urged his followers to stand firm against Lula da Silva in his final moments at the official presidential residence in Brasilia – the Palacio da Alvorada.

“We’re not going to believe that the world ends on January 1,” Bolsonaro declared, crying, and asking his supporters “not to disconnect or stop opposing him,” as Lula took office.

“We’re not going to believe that the world ends on January 1,” Bolsonaro said at a ceremony in Brasilia this Sunday, referring to Lula da Silva’s inauguration.

“Brazil will not surrender, believe me (…) the war is lost, but we will not lose the war”, defended the outgoing Brazilian president.

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Nothing justifies this terrorist attempt at Brasilia Airport here in Brasilia. Nothing justifies it. An element caught, thank God, with ideas that don’t suit any citizen. Now on the boy called ‘Bolsonarista’ Mass all the time. That’s the way the press treats it,” Bolsonaro added, referring to a follower who tried to blow up a truck with fuel but was arrested by police.

In a statement that lasted more than an hour, Bolsonaro neither fully recognized his defeat in last October’s election nor congratulated Lula da Silva – which has never happened – and insisted she was a victim of electoral injustice. , with many results favoring the president-elect.

Bolsonaro reiterated that his freedom and that of the far-right groups supporting him would be limited, and that they would be prevented from decrying the defeats of the electronic voting system, as he insists without presenting any evidence. In Brazil since 1996.

Without mentioning Brazilian President Lula da Silva by name, he said “the incoming new government will create many problems” and “impose on the country a disastrous ideology that does not work anywhere in the world”.

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