Bolsonaro lost the domain of an online page in his name that was flooded with attacks

The website has been used for years to promote the Bolsonaro family and the president’s actions, who will face former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the Oct. 2 election, who has a 12 percentage point lead in the polls.

However, the President’s advisers Didn’t renew the domain and the ‘website’ ended up in enemy hands According to local media, Bolsonaro said his campaign intends to appeal to the courts.

Currently, the front page of the ‘site’ features a picture of the Brazilian president, associated with dictator Adolf Hitler, surrounded by cattle, and the phrase “a threat to Brazil”.

The page features a series of speeches criticizing the army reserve captain and a series of cartoons featuring Bolsonaro kissing various figures such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and former US President Donald Trump.

“Bolsonaro has never hidden the fact that he is a dictator. In his three decades as a politician, he has always supported violence, stupidity and the breakdown of the democratic order,” says one of the published texts.

The website reads that the page is currently “not managed or owned by the Bolsonaro family,” but according to the Wayback Machine, which records versions of the pages published online, the page contained information related to the government and the president until last year. , photos, biography and ‘podcast’ etc.

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