Biden is ahead of Trump in the 2024 presidential election

Biden’s popularity has risen in recent weeks thanks to the incumbent Democratic leader’s legislative victories, and a Wall Street Journal poll published today reveals that 50% of voters plan to vote for him in the next presidential election.

The same poll now indicates that 44% would vote for Trump if the election were held, with the former Republican president down one point from previous surveys and Biden up five points.

Regarding the issues that will mark voting intentions in the coming months, 34% of respondents recognize that the Supreme Court ruling against abortion rights could rally Americans for the November midterm elections.

Rising prices, immigration, the use of guns and the FBI’s search of Trump’s Florida home for classified documents from the former president’s inauguration are among the list of issues that concern most voters.

Trump has said on several occasions that he would agree to run for the Republican Party’s new presidential bid in 2024, although he has not officially made a decision and, like Biden, has not made a single comment. Possible reactivation.

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