An uncontrolled Chinese rocket has already re-entered the atmosphere. Videos of the falling debris are already going viral on social media – Watcher

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The Chinese manned space agency advanced on social network Weibo and the US Space Command confirmed on Twitter: The Chinese rocket Long March 5B re-entered Earth’s atmosphere this Saturday. Portugal was initially on its way. But because it was an uncontrolled fall, it was difficult to know precisely whether or not its debris would land in a populated area. According to the US Space Command, re-entry into the Indian Ocean took place at 5:45 pm (Lisbon time).

The Chinese manned space agency confirms that most of the wreckage has been cleared as it re-enters the Sulu Sea shared by Malaysia and the Philippines.

Many videos of this moment are already doing the rounds on the internet.

US space agency NASA has criticized China for failing to share information. Administrator Bill Nelson said that all countries should share this type of information in advance, “to allow reliable predictions of the potential risk of debris impact, particularly heavy vehicles like the Long March 5B.” carries significant risk of loss of life and property.”

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In recent days, many predictions of rocket re-entry have been made, but, Even the day before the crash, there was doubt whether the wreckage would land in the Indian Ocean, Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. With Portugal at the crossroads.

A Chinese rocket hurtling towards Earth could crash in Portugal

In Malaysia, many people from the state of Sarawak shared their videos on social media.

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