Amazon: Third suspect in Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira murders surrenders to police – News

Jefferson da Silva Lima, also known as “Belodo da Dinha who ran away”, surrendered at a police station in Atalia do Norde, in the western Amazon, and will be “investigated,” police said in a statement.

In a statement to the G1 News Portal, Representative Alex Perez Dimotio said that according to the evidence and testimony obtained, ‘Pelado da Dinha’ was “at the scene of the crime and was actively involved in the double murder.”

However, Brazilian authorities confirmed on Friday that the human remains at the scene of the alleged murder of one of the prime suspects, Tom Phillips and Brazilian activist Bruno Araujo Pereira, belonged to a British journalist.

The third arrest comes just hours after Phillips, 57, announced that he had identified the “objects” found at the place where he was first detained, a fisherman known as ‘Pelato’, Amarillo da Costa de Oliveira, who admitted to being buried. To him, next to the body of 41-year-old Perera.

“The remains of Dom Phillips are part of the material collected at the site,” said a report by the Federal Police Coordinated Crisis Committee.

The other two arrested so far were two fishing brothers from the area, Bruno Arajo, who had already been convicted of engaging in illegal fishing in restricted areas, such as domestic reserves.

The same note from the PF added, “Work is underway to fully identify the remains, understand the causes of death, and cover up the dynamics and bodies of the crime.”

Conclusions about whether other human remains found are similar to Pereira have not yet been released. According to local newspapers, the PF is looking for a fourth suspect, which has not been officially confirmed.

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According to the Crisis Group report, the investigations indicate that the perpetrators “acted alone, without a brain or criminal background behind the crime.”

However, officials said there were “signs of an increase in criminal involvement” and that “new arrests could occur as investigations progress.”

On Wednesday night, Brazilian authorities found human remains in the remote part of the Amazon where one of the main suspects in the murder of Dom Phillips and Bruno Arazo Pereira confessed. The bodies arrived in Brasilia Thursday night on a federal police plane.

Phillips and Arazzo went missing on June 5 while traveling on a river in the wilderness of Valdo Javari, near the Brazilian border with Peru and Colombia, where they went to collect supplies for a book on journalism. Region.

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