After ‘House of Horrors’, the Durbin brothers went back to living nightmares

DAfter being rescued from the terror they lived in at the hands of their parents, the so-called ‘house of horrors’, one would expect life to improve for the Durbin brothers, freed from their parents, but misfortune seems to be the case. Keep hunting these kids..

Six of the 13 Durbin children — who, it will be recalled, were tortured for years by their biological parents — were given to an abusive foster family.

The “second dose” of terror, as a lawyer for the two children described to television channel HLN, included sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

As if that were not enough, the reports of these siblings were ignored by the adoption agency responsible for the minors.

“This family forced these children to relive their past over and over again,” attorney Ellen Zechtzer said Tuesday.

The children were removed from the home and filed two separate lawsuits against the adoption service and Riverside County, California.

One of the cases involved the four younger Durbin brothers. Second, Zektser represents the two remaining brothers, CNN International reported.

It is to be recalled that the 13 children were held captive for years by their parents, David and Louise Durbin, in Perris, California, USA. They were rescued in 2018 when 17-year-old Jordan Durbin escaped on January 14 and called police.

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