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Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch who has been approved by the European Union and several other countries for his dealings with the Kremlin, has decided to sue the European Council.

According to the Russian company Toss and the Associated Press, the case has already been filed in European Court of Justice and Abramovich has no information on the reasons for justifying the process.

However, the decision comes after the EU decided on March 15 to add him to a list of individuals associated with the Russian regime who have experienced personal sanctions, including property freezes and travel bans.

At the time, the EU argued that Abramovich had “excellent access” to Vladimir Putin, maintained “very good relations” with him, and that the relationship “helped him maintain his considerable wealth”. Abramovich acted as a mediator in the negotiations with the Russian and Ukrainian representatives.

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Moreover, it continued Report published then In the decision to allow the oligarchy and 877 people, “Roman Abramovich was one of the key contributors to the Evros Steel Group, one of Russia’s largest contributors,” and “benefited by Russian decision-makers responsible for the annexation of Russia. For the instability of Crimea or Ukraine.”

“He is one of the best Russian businessmen active in the economic sphere, representing a significant source of revenue for the government of the Russian Federation responsible for the annexation of Crimea and the instability of Ukraine.”

Roman Abramovich on EU sanctions list for “close ties” with Vladimir Putin

Abramovich was allowed by the United Kingdom to “support the barbaric and brutal invasion of Ukraine,” so he hastened to sell his own British club, Chelsea, to the North American Federation for $ 3.2 billion (2. 2.9 billion). . Sales were suspended due to restrictions, but ended this Monday.

As the Associated Press points out, the money from the sale of Chelsea will not go into the pockets of the Russian oligarchy, and Portuguese officials have confirmed that it must return to “humanitarian operations” in Ukraine.

The Israeli community in Porto pressured the Federal Register to grant Abramovich nationality urgently.

This is because Abramovich became a Portuguese at the end of the 15th century thanks to the national law that allowed the descendants of Sebardian Jews expelled from Portugal to obtain citizenship. Ministry of Public Works The effect of stresses The Israeli community in Porto.

Abramovich was further admitted by Canada and Australia.

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