A young tourist was fatally wounded by a bullet in an apartment building in Rio de Janeiro

American tourist Joseph D. was vacationing at a friend’s house in Rio de Janeiro. Thomas, 28, died in the early hours of Friday morning at a hospital in the Brazilian city where he was admitted to hospital after being hit by a stray bullet. The information was provided by Hospital Samaritano Potafogo, south of the state capital, where Thomas was hospitalized at the CTI, Intensive Care Center.

Last Tuesday afternoon, a young tourist was hit in the neck by a large-sized bullet, probably from a combat rifle, while he was quiet in his friend’s apartment located in Moro do Fuba, on the outskirts of Cascatura, in the north of the country. From Rio. At that fateful moment, members of a militia formed by corrupt policemen and ex-policemen engaged in a shootout with drug traffickers for control of the territory and one of the projectiles, which could have hit a target two kilometers away, entered the property and hit Thomas. .

Initially, the young man was taken to Salgado Bilho Municipal Hospital in the northern neighborhood of Meier, but on Wednesday he was transferred to a private hospital in Samaritano where he was already in a critical condition. In addition to Thomas, two passengers were injured by stray bullets inside a passing public transit bus, and an unidentified man was shot dead on Rua Padre Telemaco in the same area shortly after the shooting.

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