A war was “overdue and centuries old” and the new leader was “exported from Moscow to Donbass”

Nuno Rogeiro begins by analyzing Russian domination and Ukrainian opposition in eastern Ukraine, not knowing how far it can go, the SIC commentator says.

“We know the will is great, we know the means are very limited (…) and we get the message today that this is a war that will take place outside of war and centuries, because if President Putin calls on the spirit of Great Peter, we are not in the 21st century now, Which means we are back to the 17th century.

It offers one The map helps to understand Lukansk’s control over more than 90% of RussiaThe area not controlled by Russia is shown in blue.

Joseph Millhause Analyzes the appointment of a new government with the Prime Minister “Exported from Moscow to Donbass”. Vitaly Kotchenko held senior positions in the Russian Ministry of Commerce and IndustryNow it will accelerate the process of integration of the separatist region in Russia.

The SIC commentator also presents The Kremlin is preparing to send large numbers of Russian citizens to the occupied territories in Ukraine With the aim of creating an administrative system, this It aims to bring these areas under full control of Moscow.

Nuno Rojiro also explains the importance of another current warIt takes place in the south, especially around Gershon, under the control of the Moscow army. Securing access to the Crimea. Regarding Finland’s accession to NATO, Rogero says Turkey will accept informally “with two conditions.”.

Finally, Milhazes brings Analyze information about the main rabbi of MoscowPingas Goldsmith, Ukraine had to leave Russia after criticizing the occupation.

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