A live Conservative Party leadership debate was canceled after the presenter fainted

During this Tuesday’s televised face-off between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, broadcast live on Talk TV and The Sun newspaper, moderator and presenter Kate McCann was stunned.

Live, unable to see what happened in the studio, you can only hear and see the reaction of Liz Truss: “Oh my God”, she said before going to the aid of the journalist. British media later confirmed that a noise was heard while the current foreign minister of the British government was speaking, which was caused by the referee’s fainting.

The show went live immediately.

The broadcaster has already issued a statement saying that the presenter is fine and has decided not to continue the debate on medical advice.

Sunak welcomed the “good news [a apresentadora] The social network is already recovering on Twitter, while Truss expressed “relief” and lamented that “such a good debate has been forced to end.”

This is the second in a series of debates between the two candidates to replace Boris Johnson as the party leader and the British government.

McCann, policy editor at Talk TV, had initially planned to present the debate with Sun policy editor Harry Cole, but the latter tested positive for Covid-19 this morning.

The party’s roughly 180,000 members have until Sept. 5 to decide who wins, after last week’s divisive vote that made Sunak and Truss the finalists.

Until a few months ago, former British finance minister Rishi Sunak was seen as the natural successor to Boris Johnson, who admired his loyalty and his governing skills.

But Sunak has become one of the most critical voices of the prime minister, who has seen him embroiled in a long series of scandals, making him a contender for the post not through natural succession, but rather in the face of a recent past of conservative leadership.

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In this final race for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Chung will have to beat the current British foreign minister, Liz Truss, 46, whom many are calling the new “Iron Lady” – a credit to former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. For the steadfast manner in which she discharged her duties.

As Foreign Secretary, Truss led the UK’s strategy to support Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia following the February 24 Russian invasion, and was one of the most important figures in the post-Brexit London-Brussels dispute. trade deals, thus showing its Eurosceptic side.

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