A fisherman catches one of the world’s largest goldfish

British fisherman Andy Hackett caught what is said to be the world’s largest goldfish weighing around 30kg in the Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France. The 42-year-old man realized that the bait was bitten by a giant fish, nicknamed “The Carrot” (Carrot) for its orange color, and took about 25 minutes to pull out of the lake.

The previous record for goldfish, or goldfish variation, was set in 2019 when a Minnesota fisherman caught a 14 kilogram goldfish believed to be 100 years old.

Caught by Andy Hackett, “Carrot” is a hybrid of leather carp and koi, an ornamental fish commonly found in ponds.

This particular species is more than 20 years old and was kept by Jason Kowler, the fisheries manager at Bluewater Lakes, one of the world’s premier carp farms, when he was young, as “an odd catch for anglers to catch”.

“Since then, it’s been growing and growing, but it’s not coming out, it’s very elusive,” Cowler told the New York Post.

It would have survived a catch earlier this month, when fisherman Andy Hackett “knew there was always a carrot” when he saw it, but didn’t think he would catch it.

“It was brilliant to catch it, but it was pure luck,” said the fisherman.

Brit landed for photos and then put the carp back in the water. Later, he received his prize and duly seized it with a cup of tea.

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