“A date on TV.” Zhelensky’s wife thanks him for the interview because it made her “spend time” with her husband – the Observer.

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Ukraine’s first lady gave an interview with her husband this Saturday and said she was “worried” about the outbreak of war. He had not seen Zhelensky for two and a half months due to the conflict. “Our family is divided like any other Ukrainian family,” Olena Zhelenska told Ukrainian television. According to the BBC.

This is the second time the pair have been seen together since the war broke out in Ukraine on February 24. “Nothing robbed my husband of me, not even the war. But yes, he lives for his work. We can not see him. We have not seen him for two and a half months. We just talked on the cell phone,” she assured.

In a good mood, the first lady said “thank you” for the interview because it made her “spend time” with her husband. “A date on TV,” Jalensky joked, smiling.

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Olena Gelenska recalled He said he remembers the beginning of the war and that he woke up to “strange sounds coming from outside.” “It was dark, almost night, and I woke up, Volodymyr [Zelensky] Not on my side. I went to the next room and he was ready to wear a suit, but no tie. It’s just the beginning. We have not seen each other for a long time, ”he added.

The first woman insisted that her husband had “not changed” in the war and was a “trustworthy man”, and that the woman was “as beautiful as ever.” The couple also said it was customary to talk on the phone to feel close during dinner. “I’m going to say, ‘I’m going to have dinner.’Describes the President of Ukraine, According to the Mirror newspaper.

With regard to the Russian invasion, Zhelensky spoke of a “bloody war” that would end only through diplomacy, despite the stalemate in the peace talks.

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