A bomb was found in a truck filled with jet fuel near Brasilia International Airport

An improvised explosive device attached to a truck filled with jet fuel, kerosene, was found on the approach to Brasilia International Airport in Brazil’s federal capital on Christmas Eve this Saturday. The disturbing incident comes a week before the inauguration of president-elect Lula da Silva, scheduled for next January 1 in the city, and amid a wave of threats against the future ruler.

The explosive device was noticed by the driver of a kerosene truck, who left the truck on an approach road and came to take it into the airport, while many drivers were waiting for the right time to approach the airport terminal. Realizing that a foreign object was attached to the truck, he called the police.

The entire area was cordoned off and men from the anti-bomb squad of Brasilia’s military police were called in to disarm the device’s explosive device, made of high-explosive materials typically used in quarries to destroy large rocks. All have been handed over to the civil police (judiciary) in Brazil’s capital, and federal police have also been called in to investigate the possible link of the tragic incident to Lula’s inauguration and threats from extremists. They are gearing up to prevent the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, from taking over as president-elect.

The future Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, one of the first people confirmed as a minister by Lula da Silva, was called to the scene, and he will take action once he is sworn in, in fact, by January 1, if the truth is not clarified and the perpetrator identified and arrested. Andersen Torres, the current Minister of Portfolio, was contacted but did not come, did not take any action or wanted to speak to the press, as Jair Bolsonaro and almost all members of the current government are doing, they simply abandoned their positions after Bolsonaro lost the presidential election.

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Hundreds of militants have camped next to military headquarters in Brasilia, calling for a second presidential runoff on October 30, calling on the armed forces to trigger a military coup and not let Lula take over. In recent days, radical Bolsonarian groups have posted on social networks that Lula da Silva has received death threats in various ways and means, and that they have hired “snipers” (elite snipers) to kill the president-elect within days. before or during the opening ceremony.

Over the past two weeks, several extremists linked to Jair Bolsonaro have been arrested in several Brazilian states for threatening the president-elect or preparing to block the inauguration. On the 12th, after a ceremony in which Lula da Silva and Vice President-elect Geraldo Alcmin confirmed their election at the High Electoral Court, DSE, and received certificates that they could take office, hundreds of militants were terrorized. To Brasilia, they set fire to passenger cars, buses and trucks, destroyed a police station and attempted to storm the headquarters of the Federal Police and the hotel where Lula da Silva was staying that night, repulsed at great cost with gas by security forces. Grenades and rubber bullets.

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