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Lisbon as an alternative to Mexico City? For Forbes Consulting, this means analyzing the costs of the most popular (or preferred) destinations during the summer and comparing them to visually similar destinations. The study resulted in a list of great alternatives — and we’re only talking about luxury travel.

To get the results, the Forbes consultant analyzed the average cost of staying in a luxury hotel, eating in the best restaurants, taxis and activities. Therefore, without including the flight, a vacation in Mexico City will cost 500 euros less than in the Portuguese capital, according to this study.

Check out our list of alternatives to popular vacation destinations:

Panama (instead of Bora Bora)

Bora Bora is a luxury and dream destination. You may have already sought this goal – even if only for a dream. The truth is, you can get closer to your dream and have an experience similar to what you get in Bora Bora if you visit Panama. According to Forbes Advisor, a dream trip in Panama costs 5800 euros less than Bora Bora.

Curaçao (instead of Bahamas)

By traveling to this little paradise, you will spend about two thousand euros less. You won’t see swimming pigs or pink beaches, but you will have other attractions.

Florida (instead of Hawaii)

Who hasn’t dreamed of going to Hawaii? We understand, but if travel is too expensive for you and you really want a dream vacation, take a chance on Florida. It will still be more expensive, but about 1777 euros less. Florida is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Fiji (instead of Maldives)

Do you really want a place like the Maldives? We know every destination is unique, but if you choose to go to Fiji, you’ll save around 760 euros and still have a dream experience.

Mexico City (instead of Lisbon)

An increasingly trendy city, Lisbon has great options for all budgets. Therefore, the Forbes consultant recommends moving the capital of Portugal to Mexico City. According to the calculations of the study, we will save about 556 euros (not including the flight).

Istanbul (instead of Athens)

An underrated city, but something for all tastes. Choosing Istanbul, Turkey over Athens, Greece will save around 385 euros.

Marseille (instead of Paris)

If you dream of Paris and have never visited it, it is not easy to change, because you definitely dream of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and a stroll along the Seine River. Still, if you really want to travel or you already know Paris, consider Marseille. According to the review, it offers a similar experience to the Parisian but roughly 186 euros cheaper.

Cairo (instead of Rome)

Rome is Rome, but Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is sometimes underrated and offers an equally fascinating journey into humanity’s past. And it’s 150 euros cheaper than Rome.

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