“20th Century Tactics, 21st Century Weapons.” Has the conflict in Ukraine changed the way war is waged? – Spectator

Around the island of Serpentes, a mere 17 hectares in the Black Sea, one of the most intense air and naval battles since the beginning of the invasion took place. Captured by the Russian Navy on 24 February. Ukraine has never given up on getting it back Because of you Strategic value: Those who militarily control the area may create or prevent obstruction of Ukraine’s sea lanes. To assist in regaining control, Kiev had the most advanced technology – It made a difference on the ground.

One of the most celebrated moments by Ukrainians in the region happened in early May and led to the release of a video by Ukrainian forces. With the help of the Ukrainian Navy’s Turkish-made Pyrector TB2 drones managed to destroy the Russian helicopter. In other attacks on Snake Island, Ukraine destroyed a missile launcher, tanks and other military targets, weakening Russia’s position on Snake Island.

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