12 killed in Russian attack in Kiev

At least 12 people were killed and 90 injured after a Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia this Thursday, which Ukraine’s head of state called a “terrorist act.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was targeted in an attack on civilians in an area of ​​no military importance.

According to Ukrainian police, three missiles hit an office building and also a residential building in the southwestern city of Kiev. 12 people died and 90 were injured, 50 of them critically.

In this attack, 50 cars in the parking lot were burnt and destroyed.

Ukraine’s president said the dead included a child and that the attack was “deliberate” aimed at terrorizing the public.

“Every day Russia destroys people, kills children, launches missiles at civilian targets. Those are not (military) objectives. What if this is not an act of terrorism?” Zelensky asked in a speech broadcast by the news site.

The attack on Vinnytsia came after the Ukrainian president said five civilians had been killed and eight wounded in Russian strikes on Wednesday.

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