11-year-old girl who weighed 242kg reveals: “A cake never entered my house”

The story of 11-year-old Milena Nos makes Brazil fall in love. Since she was very young, she had a huge compulsion to eat incessantly, which caused her to gain weight. Parents try to resist this in some way and choose to eliminate sweets and things that can further worsen the child’s condition. “Cookies, chocolates, cakes never come into my house… it’s always fruit, fruit and yogurt,” Milena assured Globo’s “G1” website. But as the years went by, Milena began to binge eat and gain more and more weight, even though she usually ate healthy foods.

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After some time, he began to experience physical difficulties in locomotion and was unable to walk, which led to him being bullied at school. At this time, and over 10 years old, he weighed 242 kg. The solution parents found was to make the child study from home. But even then measures had to be taken, and the pantry had to be locked at all times, for she would eat whatever she could get her hands on.

“So far She felt sick in her walk. So, I spoke to a doctor who told me that the situation was very dangerous and that she might have a heart attack.Milena’s mother, Evelise remembers Nos.

After several failed treatments, Milena went to a specialist in rare diseases, who confirmed the worst. The child carried a rare genetic mutation that caused her to eat non-stop. The only solution is tummy tuck surgery.

But there was another problem: in Brazil, the law only allows people over the age of 16 to have this surgery. The family had to apply to the courts to obtain an exceptional situation, which allowed Milena to undergo the operation. The operation was successful this December. Now, waiting for the results and happy ending of this story.

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