BREAKING: All defendants rest in bingo corruption case

All nine defendants rested their cases in the bingo corruption trial Friday morning. Closing arguments will be Wednesday morning.

Milton McGregor is charged with conspiring to buy votes for 2010's Senate bill 380, a pro-gambling bill.

All nine defendants in the bingo corruption rested their case on Friday.

Just after court began this morning, U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson told the court that Victoryland owner Milton McGregor would like to say something.

McGregor, accompanied by attorney Joe Espy, approached the lectern.

“McGregor rests,” Espy said, simply.

Thompson then called lobbyist Tom Coker’s defense to the lectern. Coker attorney Bill Baxley said they, too, were resting.

The seven other defendants, one at a time, then followed McGregor and Coker’s lead. Lobbyist Bob Geddie, former Sen. Jim Preuitt, former Sen. Larry Means, Sens. Quinton Ross and Harri Anne Smith, legislative analyst Ray Crosby, and Country Crossing spokesperson Jay Walker all rested.

Closing arguments are scheduled for next Wednesday morning. The defense and prosecution agreed that the jury should be fully sequestered beginning Wednesday.

Judge Thompson said he will take up renewed motions for acquittal on Monday morning.

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