Harrison Prince

unnamed-5Harrison Prince is Weld for Birmingham‘s creative director.

“I’m a designer. Essentially, that means I solve problems. To do that effectively, I have to understand the client’s goals, which means I do research and gather information. The more informed I am, the better solutions I can provide. Design is a process. It is not magic. I don’t sit around chanting until my ‘muse’ shows up. In my case, that elusive creative spark rarely appears until well after the fundamental work is under way. Design is a discipline, with rules and guidelines to be observed and obeyed. To those of us who kneel at the altars of Good Taste, Reponsibility and Professionalism, there are no shortcuts or magic formulas. Oh, my MacBook Pro isn’t magic either and only does what I tell it.

As for the things I love, there’s God, my family and the Crimson Tide. Not necessarily in that order.”