Reran Tragedy, Season Two Prologue: An ode to you selfish bastards

In this prologue to the next couple months of Reran Tragedy posts, Cal Alabaster Jr. explains why the blog is going to be all about…

Reran Tragedy editor Cal Alabaster Jr. before his surgery to attempt to repair his grievous car accident injuries.

Greetings! I hope the last few weeks have left you all well. My surgery went great and I am happy to return to work devoting my time to telling you about the beauty of politics this wonderful place we call “The South.” Primarily because it is to the south of things! Like filthy Yankee “logic”! And “reason”! And “reality”!

As editor-in-chief of Reran Tragedy, I felt like we spent far too much time talking about what happened in The South in my first round of posting. So for the second round, we are going to focus on exploring why the volatile, flavorful things that happen in Southern politics happen.

Why is it that our leaders devote so much of their time to taking the wonderful path of least intelligence?

Why is that our society and our political framework is delightfully predisposed to constantly try to pin much of our problems on one single group or issue, when anyone with half a brain can see that life is too complex to ever be that simple?

Why do the political controls directing our governments seem so much more excitingly limp and useless than usual these days?

It’s you!

Your hopeless longing for a “better time” that was just as screwed up as this one, but in different, possibly more unjust ways.

Your infuriatingly fantastic inability to think past the next five seconds or your front door when it comes to politics.

And above all else, your amazingly persistent tendency of late to crawl into the most comfortable partisan hole you can find and yell at anyone who asks that you peek your head out for a millisecond to see how the world really is and can be.

From the libertarian who wants all government gone to the liberal who wants everybody to get along and hate Mormons together, from the ranting nutjob who complains that the mainstream media is not racist enough to the media doofuses who bend their stories to keep the nutjob engaged, from the elegant and easily offended suburbanite to the impoverished parent who cannot get over his own empty to pride to make his family’s life better, the next two months and change worth of viewpoints and news at this blog is dedicated to you.

This is The Summer of You.

And you are going to feel it.