Mary Neumann

Mary NeumannBorn and raised in the frozen tundra — also known as Northwest Wisconsin — Mary began her life-changing Southern odyssey after experiencing warm weather in Florida as a Disney College Program intern. Realizing there was more to life than perpetual snow, she opted to participate in the National Student Exchange Program and attend the University of Alabama as a senior. Mary never looked back, and with a degree in advertising and a love for Southern culture, she decided to move to Birmingham and continue her adventure.

What Mary does at Weld: As an integrated media executive, Mary strives to build strong, genuine relationships between Weld and local businesses to meet their advertising needs. Want to hear more about how Weld can fill the void in your advertising needs? Contact Mary here.

Hobbies: Tennis, running, singing, shopping, photography, baking, sunny days by the pool, spending time with friends and family, and of course playing with my puppy (Mosby) and kitty (Apollo).

Astrological sign: Pisces.

Likes: Everything Disney, Alabama football, sweet tea, summer, pink, chocolate-covered strawberries, traveling, coffee, Pinterest crafts, sunsets.

Dislikes: Any weather colder than 70 degrees, rude people, rainy days, scary movies, cockroaches…well, just creepy-crawly things in general!