Heather Milam Nikolich

Heather Milam Nikolich is a proud Alabama citizen.  After moving to Birmingham in 2003, she began a long, loving relationship with the city, which eventually led her to the mission and vision of Weld.

She has worked in the publishing industry for over a decade. Beginning her professional career with EBSCO Industries as an account manager and online licenser, she helped license content into the EBSCOhostElectronic Journals Service (EJS), a global research tool used by academic libraries.

After EBSCO, she moved into ad sales with a locally-owned, high-end travel magazine at HH&S Media Group, Executive Traveler.

In 2005, she accepted a senior account executive position with Network Communications, Inc., an integrated media company leading the nation in real estate publishing.  She increased her markets’ revenues, on average, 30 percent each year by increasing not only print ad sales, but also digital sales including new services solely devoted to social media.

In December 2009, she was asked to join the group who would eventually begin Weld for Birmingham.  As General Manager and COO, her primary duties are to grow and maintain revenue, while also occasionally keeping business partner Mark Kelly in line.

In the rare moments she’s not working, she trains for marathons, enjoys local beer and geeks out on national politics.

Likes: All things Weld, Birmingham, the Boston Marathon, Good People IPA, trees, Twitter, long conversations, fried eggplant, magazines, recycling and success.
Dislikes: Nickelback, styrofoam, apathy and vacuums.